Simpler, more flexible services that make your people more effective

Strengthen your competitive edge with solutions that matter.

Every business is unique. That’s why you need a partner with the right expertise and experience, someone who truly understands the ICT ecosystem to identify and deliver opportunities to you. With a comprehensive range of solutions designed to give you the crucial competitive edge, Bungatel is ready to co-create true business value together with you.

Grow your business through business automation, while providing security services to manage your end-points.

Device Leasing

You shouldn’t be paying through the nose to make sure your people have the latest tech.

We’ve found a way to minimize your up-front costs and give your people the shiniest, newest tech. It’s called Device Leasing. And it’s exactly what you think it is.

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SIP Trunking

Our Global SIP Trunking turns a single IP connection into an efficient delivery system for voice, video and data.

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MPLS & Dedicated Internet Access

Flexibility means everyone can work anytime and anywhere they need to.

Our dynamic MPLS and Dedicated Internet Access solution makes that happen.

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Managed Network Solutions

Our managed network solutions exist to simplify your network, planning, implementing and fully managing your converged voice and data networks.

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Managed Security

Your network carries your sensitive, business-critical conversations. It has to maintain integrity, availability and confidentiality.

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Business Continuity

Managed by our team of network experts, our business continuity solutions ensure your business stays up and running no matter what.

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